Mirela’s Bags & Jewelry is a Croatian brand that offers leather bags and jewelry, but other fashion accessories as well, hand-made using old tools and techniques in luxurious Italian leather. Every piece is unique, represents a love of art, and empowers women who wear it.

The brand rose through family tradition of creating hand-made leather pieces, a tradition that lasts for more than 40 years now. The love towards leather and creating leather pieces was passed from a father to his daughter, Mirela. Being a family or art aficionados and creative enthusiasts, Mirela’s pieces are a perfect fusion of art, quality and confidence.

The Materials

Every bag or piece of jewelry is unique, made from luxurious Italian leather. The leather used to create the pieces is in small, limited editions and series, which guarantees the uniqueness and individuality. The most important, along with print, colors and textures, is using leather of the highest quality. With the synergy created by the designer, client and quality materials, we create unique products with a message embedded in it.

The Vision

The vision of the brand are emotions. They are present even during the creation of the pieces and are later transferred to the client that wears them. With the many years of experience in crafting leather pieces, our vision is to become a recognized brand in Croatia and the world, a brand that invokes the fantastic feelings of joy, confidence and individuality – good feelings that last.

Mirela's Bags & Jewelry

It is also important to note that Mirela’s is a small Croatian brand with a long-lasting family tradition of creating leather bags and jewelry which will surely make you a true star of every night outing, party or celebration. Furthermore, every piece is unique, which only adds to the value of every piece and the story behind it, along with impeccable care towards details and selection of the highest quality leather.

A word from the designer and owner, Mirela Hison Bartolić:

„It brings me joy, gives meaning to every single moment in my life. I love working with people and interacting with them. I am constantly inspired by the process of creating a product in which clients participate. Each and every one of them has a special story that is transferred to the final product, a kind of product that has value that surpasses generations and lasts.“